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Article 152 Minorities and Special Position of Malays
(1) It shall be the responsibility of the Government constantly to care for the interests of the racial and religious minorities in Singapore.

Alfian Saat's new play Kakak Kau Punya Laki takes inspiration from JI leader Mas Selamat

Alfian Saat's latest play depicts a life of a black sheep, an outcast and a sociopath. Alfian attempts to find answers on the dividing line between normalcy and deviant. In truth, Alfian admitted that he was inspired by an unfortunate event that happened in 2008 when Mas Selamat Kastari, a leader of terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah escaped from detention. Alfian used Mas Selamat as his inspiration for this play and thus attempts to redefine and paint Mas Selamat Kastari perhaps as a sociopath instead of a terrorist.

NEW CONTENT: challenging control over Malay/Muslim voices in Singapore

Bro. Zulfikar Shariff, who developed during the early 2000s, tells of the trials and tribulations he faced in this chapter he contributed to the book, Asian Cyberactivism: freedom of expression and media censorship, by James Gomez.

Syair Nasib Melayu

Cebisan dari buku Syair Nasib Melayu oleh Tenas Effendy

Di bumi Melayu pembangunan pesat
Baik di laut mahupun di darat
Banyak peluang boleh didapat
Banyak usaha boleh dibuat
Tetapi kerana ilmu tak ada
Peluang yang ada terbuang saja
Diisi orang awak menganga
Akhirnya duduk mengurut dada


Di atas runtuhan Melaka
Lama penyair termenung seorang diri
ingat Melayu kala jayanya
pusat kebesaran nenek bahari
Di sini dahulu laksamana Hang Tuah
satria moyang Melayu sejati
jaya perkasa gagah dan mewah
“tidak Melayu hilang di bumi”

Quotes from Lee Kwan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew has often commented on the Malay-Muslim community in disparaging ways. In 2010, he said in an interview (with National Geographic: "Well, we make them say the national pledge and sing the nationalanthem but suppose we have a famine, will your Malay neighbour give you the last few grains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Muslim or vice versa?”


Siri Ceramah "Bahasaku, Cintaku II": ANTARA 'BELIAU' DAN 'DIA'

Menurut Kamus Dewan, Edisi Keempat, terbitan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur, 2007, di halaman 155, makna “Beliau” adalah: “Kata ganti diri ketiga (utk orang tua atau orang yg dihormati)".

Menurut Kamus Umum Bahasa Indonesia, Edisi Ketiga, terbitan Balai Pustaka, Jakarta , 2006, di halaman 126, makna “Beliau” adalah: “Ia (bagi orang tua atau orang yang patut dihormati)”.

Bahasaku, Cintaku II: ANTARA 'RAMAI' & 'BANYAK'

Siri Ceramah "Bahasaku, Cintaku II"
Kesantunan Bahasa Asas Pembentukan Adab

"Antara Ramai & Banyak"
Profesor Awang Sariyan,
Ketua Pengarah,
Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Malaysia

RESOURCE: Progress of the Malay Community in Singapore since 1980

Progress of the Malay Community in Singapore since 1980
produced by the Ministry for Community Youth & Sports.

Quran 6:71

Say: "Shall we indeed call on others besides Allah,- things that can do us neither good nor harm,- and turn on our heels after receiving guidance from Allah? - like one whom the evil ones have made into a fool, wandering bewildered through the earth, his friends calling, come to us', (vainly) guiding him to the path." Say: "Allah's guidance is the (only) guidance, and we have been directed to submit ourselves to the Lord of the worlds;-

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TIME Magazine, 16 Dec. 1996
"A must for on-line believers in Southeast Asia."
-- TIME, Dec. 16, 1996